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Superior Landlord Screening Solutions for More Responsible Renters

With Shield Screening, you have at your fingertips all the tools you need to make more intelligent and much safer leasing decisions.

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Keep Your Investment Protected with the Simplest, Fastest, and Most Powerful Tenant Screening Solutions Available

Keeping your properties occupied with great tenants is a constant challenge. Evictions are time consuming and costly, which only serves to increase your stress.

With the number of renters rapidly increasing, you owe it to yourself to find a cutting-edge, proven, and expedient background screening solution that will keep bad debt, property damage, evictions, and lost rent to an absolute minimum.

Shield Screening partners with dozens of elite industry leaders to deliver the most robust, secure, and comprehensive tenant screening solutions available.

˙ Get the latest credit information, eviction searches & criminal reports from the largest databases worldwide
˙ Experience near-instant results with a comprehensive tenant scoring system
˙ Get phone assistance from our experienced and friendly tenant screening specialists

Simple Data Entry & Easy-to-Read Reports for Streamlined Background Checks

Our intuitive tenant screening software was designed to become second nature. Enter tenant data quickly with fewer errors and get near-instant results. Quickly notify applicants of acceptance or rejection, and easily add them to the lease move forward with your leases faster. Landlord tenant screening has never been so dependable, affordable or fast!

Search a Candidate’s Criminal Background and the System Selects the Proper Jurisdictions

Identify misdemeanor and felony lawbreakers, sex offenders, and those on terrorist watch lists. Get protected by Shield and unveil an applicant’s true identity to eliminate fraud, and secure credit information to ensure consistent and timely rent payments.

Easy to Consume Data & Over-the-Top Customer Service Anytime

Regardless of your organization’s size or industry focus, we specialize in crafting one-of-a-kind screening solutions that are specific to your needs, and the recruiting challenges you face. We offer the highest level of quality and accuracy, and with each report is scanned, checked, and verified by our screening specialists in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Immediate Phone Support for Full Compliance & Peace of Mind

At Shield Screening, we add the “human touch” to the landlord tenant screening process. If you need help with a report or have an urgent question, pick up the phone and promptly get a tenant screener on the other end. We offer friendly and knowledgeable support anytime you need it, guaranteed.

Get detailed explanations of all screening data, and ensure Fair housing compliance. Our screeners can even walk you through the screening process. That’s the Shield difference.

Highlight bankruptcies, foreclosures, medical collections, returned checks, and previous evictions to safeguard your properties, find responsible tenants, and prevent broken leases.

Get Shield Protection to Fortify your Properties with Neighborly Tenants

Verify applicants quickly and reduce the likelihood of late payments, collections, and evictions with the most advanced and fastest tenant screening software available. Let Shield protect your investment and keep you compliant while filling your vacancies with qualified renters for profitable occupancy.