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Superior Pre-Employment Screening Protection for a Stronger & More Compliant Workforce

When making crucial HR decisions like about which candidates to hire, promote or retain, you need the most reliable employment screenings that you can always trust.

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Pre-employment and Background Screening Solutions.

Shield Screening was founded because our team saw the need for better screening solutions, where smarter more accurate data sourced from the world’s largest databases could be delivered through lightning-fast results.

As the youngest company in the history of the PBSA (Professional Background Screening Association) to receive accreditation, we partner with dozens of forward-thinking companies to deliver the most technologically advanced, industry-specific background screening services available.

In turn, your organization gets to brag about your speedy, reliable, and sustainable preemployment screening program, as well as your strong, qualified and fully-compliant workforce.

When you include truly outstanding customer service, real-time report verification, and intuitive customizable software design that makes data entry a breeze, you will understand why clients choose Shield Screening for superior protection, compliance, and more intelligent hiring decisions.

Cutting-Edge Technology for a More Reliable Process

  • No more time wasted! Enter data quicker with fewer errors.
  • Get candidates to e-sign for more efficiency and less paperwork.
  • Digitally submit copy requests to candidates when they apply.
  • Allow candidates to file disputes and repair erroneous information.
  • Stay and feel safe with the highest-rated data protection available.
  • Generate reports, check statistics and add/omit searches, eliminating hassle.

Reduce Hiring Risks with More Thorough Background Screening

Hiring the right people is hard enough, we are here to help you make it better, faster and smarter. Regardless of your organization’s size or industry, we will deliver the broad range of background screening solutions that you need, to shine a spotlight on your candidate’s performance history, qualifications, and character.


Our system will intuitively select the proper jurisdictions and get the most current results from sex offender registries, terrorist watch lists, motor vehicle records, and federal criminal court convictions.

• IDENTIFY LAWBREAKERS before and after the hiring process to shield your company from violence, theft, and property damage.

• SEARCH EMPLOYMENT AND EDUCATION RECORDS and get clear indications of an applicant’s interpersonal, professional and cognitive competencies. Track employment eligibility, citizenship and work status, and secure references and character sketches, all at a tremendous value.

• SEARCH MOTOR VEHICLE RECORDS, verify professional licensure, facilitate drug testing, and get alerted to errors, omissions and embellishments on applicant résumés. We help you make intelligent hiring decisions while saving you time and money, and alleviating risk and stress.


Get started with Shield today for better Protection, Compliance & Peace of Mind

The ever-changing employment landscape and uncertain economy has prompted the need for better, stronger and faster pre-employment screening solutions. With simple data entry and lightning-fast turnaround times, not to mention round-the-clock phone support, you can feel confident that your organization is fully-compliant and protected at all times.

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