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Remain Audit-Ready with Better, Faster & Stronger Background Screenings

The healthcare industry is a critical part of our daily lives, and caregivers are responsible for keeping our population healthy and thriving.

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The Fastest, Most Powerful Pre-Employment Screening & Monitoring Solutions for More Compliant Healthcare Personnel

Advancements in medication technology and improved education programs, coupled with the uncertainty surrounding medical insurance reform, has created the demand for extensive and highly accurate pre-employment screening solutions.

Shield Screening helps you identify the most qualified professionals with simple data entry, easy-to-read reports, the most recent up-to-date background information, and industry leading turnaround times. Our experienced specialists can even walk you through the entire screening process step-by-step. That’s the Shield difference.

Better Data & Faster Results

Our intuitive software design makes data entry a breeze, and you get unlimited access to the latest background data from the world’s best and largest databases. With industry-leading turnaround times, 5x faster than the national average, our reports arrive in hours while other companies leave you waiting for days.

Keep Your Organization Protected with Comprehensive & Streamlined Exclusion Screening

Get access to aptitude, skills, and personality tests to ensure candidates are
the best fit.

  • Applicants can e-sign for greater efficiency and less hassle.
  • Allow applicants to report and repair data inconsistencies for greater accuracy.
  • Facilitate random drug testing to eliminate risk and abuse.
  • Remain alerted to errors, omissions & embellishments on resumes to eliminate fraud.
  • Conduct ongoing post-hire background checks to identify weak links.
  • Monitor for license forfeiture and penalties to ensure patient safety.
  • Maintain records of annual certification and license renewals to maintain strict compliance.

Conduct Instant and Comprehensive Criminal Background Checks

to reveal lawbreakers, sex offenders, and those on terrorist watch lists. Shining the spotlight on criminals protects your organization and keeps dangerous incidents to an absolute minimum.

Let Shield Become an Extension of your Organization

Protect you and your business by making Shield an extension of your Human Resources, Risk & Compliance, and Legal Departments. Search a candidate’s employment and financial histories, and ensure compliance with state, federal and EEOC regulations.

Stay protected round-the-clock for greater peace of mind

The healthcare industry is highly regulated by the Federal Government. With access to controlled narcotics, participation in government-funded programs, and with our most vulnerable citizens relying on their care, healthcare workers must remain in good standing with the proper government agencies. We partner with dozens of elite industry leaders to offer the most highly-advanced background screening infrastructure in the industry.

Call us on the phone to enjoy friendly and knowledgeable help from one of our experienced background screening specialists – no call centers, no scripts – just dedicated trained employees from our office We can help you solve data issues, answer your urgent questions, and keep you compliant, easing your mind and offering the ultimate in safety and security.


The Most Advanced Healthcare Pre-Employment & Monitoring Solutions – Right at Your Fingertips

Hiring qualified and compliant candidates improves productivity while reducing fraud, workers’ compensation claims, employee theft, and turnover costs. We will streamline your pre-employment and monitoring program to keep your entire staff compliant and audit-ready.