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Have a question or concern? Our customer service team is experienced, trained, and always available when you need to talk. Get a person on the phone immediately and have your problem resolved with the utmost urgency.


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Our reports arrive in hours while other companies leave you hanging for days. Each report arrives with a clean and simple layout design. Our reports help you make sense of screening data so you can develop a clear snapshot of a candidate’s financial, professional, residential, and criminal background.

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Need to screen a prospect or employee? Our easy-to-use platform makes entering data a breeze. Enter the required information and get detailed reports with guaranteed accuracy, allowing only the best-of-the-best to hold key employment positions.

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Shield Screening is dedicated to providing our clients with superior background screening data , unmatched customer support, and industry-leading response times.

With a User Interface that was designed to become second nature, we will help you remain compliant with all government rules and regulations as we help you select the best possible candidates to add to your workforce. Shield will work with you to design a customized and truly superior background screening experience.

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Intuitive Design & Effortless Data Entry

Gain access to a simple and consistent interface that makes entering data a breeze. With minimal learning curve and round-the-clock phone assistance, you can screen applicants faster with fewer errors, more compliance, and greater peace of mind.

No More Stress or Clutter

With enterprise-level software that allows you to enter, store, and share data with others without all the hassle, we will help you improve efficiency and cut down on administrative duties while giving you absolute peace of mind. Your candidates will electronically sign documentation in that same interface, which keeps you compliant with all government rules and regulations. All of this takes place inside our world-class highly secure cloud, so you can feel 100% confident that your information is safe, compliant and accessible to you 24/7.

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Find out why our clients keep coming back to Shield for fast, reliable, and dependable background screening services you can always trust. Get a demonstration of our superior background screening solutions today and finally see why your current screening solution may be coming up short.

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