Shield Difference

Data & Compliance

Shield Screening for Verified Data & Full Legal Compliance

Legally-sourced background data keeps your organization audit-ready for greater peace of mind.

Shield Screening gives you access to the largest data repositories in the world to put the most up-to-date and legally-sourced data right at your fingertips.

With protection from Shield Screening, you will have unlimited access to the most advanced screening services in the industry at the best possible value.

Take Advantage of our Compliance Expertise

We are comprised of a core group of account managers, sales representatives and technology specialists who recognized the need for quality, customized background screening services for today’s employment marketplace.

We have built our better systems based on our extensive knowledge of background screening regulations, statutes, and standards as mandated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), State Consumer Reporting Laws, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Americans with Disabilities, and a host of others.

Our goal is to take the guesswork out of compliance while helping you mitigate the risk of negligent hiring, all while protecting the rights and confidentiality of your employees and candidates.


Data & quality assurance

Our intuitive platform design ensures fewer errors during the submission, screening, and reporting of key background data. All reports are then thoroughly scanned and reviewed by our long-tenured quality assurance team. The end result is a consistent and error-free consumer report that allows you to make intelligent hiring decisions.


Supported accuracy disputes

Candidates are given the right to dispute the accuracy of consumer report data. Our client services team is trained in all aspects of the FCRA and can help you or your candidates facilitate claims, reinvestigate background screening data, and receive regular updates during the dispute resolution process.


Truly customized solutions

By developing screening solutions unique to your organization, you can rest assured that your company will have the knowledge and information required to comply at every level. Get protection by Shield and let us become an extension of your Human Resources, Risk and Compliance, and Legal departments.

Protect Your Investment & Future with Round-the-Clock Protection

Making crucial HR decisions like filling job vacancies, promoting from within and retaining key players requires important compliance steps. Get protected by Shield today to keep your company within the law while bolstering your workforce and protecting your financial future.


Find Out If You’re Compliant


Failing to remain compliant can cost your organization in levied fines and even criminal charges. Take our Compliance Quiz to determine just how compliant your organization happens to be.

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