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Our cutting-edge technology produces serious data for intelligent hiring decisions and greater peace of mind.

Reliable Systems That Won’t Let You Down

Using our system’s fully electronic process, we alleviate substantial paperwork and time spent on data entry.  And, our electronic process can be fully customized to highlight your brand and fulfill your specific and ever changing needs – so that your candidates experience the easiest process possible.

We have dedicated ourselves to providing our clients with an all around system which makes the best background check experience in the industry.  We have integrated with the top ATS’s so that clients can place orders virtually anywhere, and truly anytime.

In addition, we provide the quickest turnaround times in the industry by being directly connected with all major data providers.  From criminal background to employment history to drug tests and electronic I9’s, Shield is equipped to handle all requests.  And you can place our products wherever they fit your needs best with our brand-able links, providing your candidates with the best user experience possible as well.

Integrated Technology Providing the Highest Quality Data to You Faster.

  • Electronic Authorization Forms
  • Electronic Data Entry for the candidate
  • Receive drug tests results seamlessly
  • Integrations with all major ATS’s
  • Integrations with all major data providers
  • White label backend portal
  • Customizable URL for data entry and authorizations for candidates
  • Standardized API
  • E-verify and Form I-9 Integration
  • Enterprise level Permissions

Reliable Data That Never Lets You Down

Keep your organization protected by Shield and eliminate the risk of negligent hiring. With front line algorithms and the world’s best database sources, we can help you sift through the most qualified candidates to put only the most desirable employees in the line of hire.

Our Strategic Partnerships With Industry Elites Offer Seamless Integration

We partner with dozens of industry leaders to offer 100% background screening customization. Utilizing our API/XML Gateway, we have partnered with a host of industry leaders which allows our clients to request screenings from the best in the business, all while taking advantage of Shield’s superior customer service and unmatched product support.


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