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A Better Hiring Experience with Jobvite and Shield Screening.

Jobvite delivers predictable hiring outcomes, creates exceptional experiences, & increases recruiting capacity at scale from a single talent acquisition suite. Coupled with background checks from Shield Screening, your hiring process is seamless, from the first contact to onboarding.

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Faster, Smarter Background Checks

Shield Screening provides complete and customizable packages and our clients choose us over and over again because they know they can rely on our smarter, more accurate data sourced from world’s largest databases could be delivered through lightning-fast results.

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Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Who likes typing information twice? No one. That’s why when you integrate with Shield Screening, an applicant’s data is automatically autofilled from Jobvite’s system to our required fields.

Streamline the Hiring Process

Our Jobvite integration makes placing a background check easy as clicking a button and selecting which background check package you want to run. All applicant data is imported into our system for fast ordering.

Improve Accuracy & Compliance

With no manual data entry and the convenience of our Applicant Portal, the information we receive is accurate which enables faster turnaround times and ensures that required forms reach the right individuals for improved compliance.