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Shield Screening Partners with Cerebrum to Offer Digital Identity Verification

Shield Screening Partners with Cerebrum to Offer Digital Identity Verification

TULSA, Okla., July 9, 2024 – Shield Screening, a leading provider of employment background screening solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Cerebrum, an advanced digital identity verification platform, to offer augmented identity verification services to Shield Screening’s clients. This collaboration will integrate Cerebrum’s digital identity verification and credentialing solutions into Shield Screening’s comprehensive background screening process, setting a new standard for accuracy and security in employment verification.

“We are thrilled to partner with Cerebrum to bring state-of-the-art digital identity verification to our clients,” said Tom Ellis, Vice President of Protection Services, Shield Screening. “This partnership will not only enhance the accuracy of our background checks but also streamline the verification process, providing our clients with unparalleled confidence in their hiring decisions.”

Cerebrum’s digital identity verification platform utilizes machine learning algorithms to authenticate government-issued IDs and other credentials. By incorporating this technology into Shield Screening’s services, clients will benefit from an integrated solution that ensures the authenticity of candidate identities from the outset of the background screening process. The digital wallet feature further expands this offering by securely storing verified credentials, making it easy for employers to access and manage employee information.

A recent ResumeLab survey revealed alarming statistics about resume fraud. The study of over 1,900 U.S.-based workers found that 7 in 10 reported lying on their resumes, with 37% confessing to doing so frequently. Additionally, 33% admitted to lying once or twice, while only 15% of respondents claimed they had never considered lying on a resume. These findings highlight the critical need for advanced verification technologies like those offered by Cerebrum to protect employers from the risks of hiring individuals based on false qualifications. By ensuring that all credentials are thoroughly vetted and validated, Shield Screening and Cerebrum help employers mitigate the dangers of fraudulent hires and maintain a workforce built on trust.

“We are excited to collaborate with Shield Screening to revolutionize the way identity verification is conducted in the background screening industry,” said Sebastian Mellen, co-founder and CEO of Cerebrum. “Our platform’s ability to seamlessly integrate identity verification with digital credentialing provides a comprehensive solution that vastly improves workflow efficiency and workforce trust.”

The partnership between Shield Screening and Cerebrum represents a significant advancement in digital identity verification, particularly for highly regulated industries such as healthcare, financial services, and education. By leveraging Cerebrum’s technology, Shield Screening will provide clients with a more robust and reliable background screening process.

About Cerebrum

Cerebrum is a technology company building identity and credential verification solutions with a focus on enabling secure, trusted environments. Through our collaboration with global partners, we help communities grow with accuracy, efficiency, and confidence.

Cerebrum is dedicated to providing solutions that prioritize a simple, clear experience for all users. Their ecosystem is built to integrate seamlessly and flexibly with other platforms to enhance the ease with which people manage and share their digital identities. To learn more, visit

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